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Using a systems approach to translate data into action and  drive sustainable behavior change.


Providing organizations with strategy, insights and programing to optimize clinical and behavioral results while maximizing business outcomes.  The integral science perspective brings together cutting edge biological and psychological evidence to create holistic and sustainable approaches to health and wellness.

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Our consulting services can be tailored to the unique needs of startups, VCs, pharmaceutical companies or research organizations.  Whether you need a research strategy to support a health or wellness go-to-market plan, a behavioral strategy that supports a digital/AI solution, or an in-depth evidence-base review of a specific topic in personalized medicine or scientific wellness, we’ve got the expertise and experience to support you.


Dr. Lovejoy and her team can create a lifestyle or behavior change program targeting lifestyle-related health conditions from scratch or update and enhance existing programs. She can also develop content for tailored trainings on lifestyle and behavioral medicine topics for delivery to a variety of providers ranging from health coaches to dietitians to primary care physicians.

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Dr. Lovejoy engages audiences of physicians, scientists, or business leaders  showing how they can turn data into action to transform health.  With compassion and humor, she shares insights about the latest research on actionable genomic or gut microbiome data, personalized nutrition approaches, or techniques and strategies for lasting behavior change.  Invited speaker at Precision Medicine World Conference, Preventive Medicine, Obesity Week, Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute Thought Leader's conference and more.


Dr. Jennifer Lovejoy is a sought-after expert in personalized lifestyle medicine, behavioral science, obesity and healthy aging. She has proven expertise in creating and delivering behavioral and lifestyle intervention programs from planning through execution, balancing business and clinical needs. An outstanding writer and speaker, Dr. Lovejoy excels at translating complex information for patients, consumers, and clinicians. She is a Past-President of the Obesity Society, a recipient of the Douglas L Manship Endowed Professorship in Diabetes at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, and is an Affiliate Faculty Member at the Institute for Systems Biology. 

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Personalized Lifestyle Programs

For over 15 years, Dr. Lovejoy has created data-driven behavioral coaching programs based on the principles of lifestyle and functional medicine for the digital health and behavioral coaching industry. These programs have driven high-engagement (>80% at 12 months) and resulted in best-in-class clinical outcomes in a real-world setting.

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Nutritional and behavioral science are constantly evolving.  Dr. Lovejoy has deep experience in the design and conduct of clinical trials of nutritional and behavioral interventions.  Her scientific contributions range from studies of diet and insulin resistance, to weight gain at menopause, to precision medicine.

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Dr. Lovejoy uses her broad subject matter expertise to create content for trainings for health coaches and other healthcare providers on nutrition, physical activity, stress, sleep, resilience, brain health, and cognitive behavioral strategies for lifestyle change.  She’s also created training content for physicians and allied health providers on actionable genetics and other multi-omic data with clinical relevance.

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Obesity Management

With experience in clinical and behavioral research in both academia and industry, and having served as President of The Obesity Society, Dr. Lovejoy brings deep expertise to the treatment and management of obesity and overweight.

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